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What are Frosted Windows?

Frosted windows are a special vinyl material that adheres to glass.  Frosted window film serves many different purposes from creating office privacy windows inside or outside, to advertising a brand to the public.  Creative frosted window displays are a unique way of generating brand interest without paying a fortune.

The vinyl film can be installed easily, lasts for years, cleans easily, and can be removed at any time in a matter of minutes.  It can be applied to anything that’s made of glass – windows, showers, doors, mirrors, and more.

Beyond the attractive look of frosted windows, they also get rid of glare, decrease heat, and serve as sunblock, filtering out ultraviolet light.  You can also choose various levels of opacity to create the perfect indoor environment with just the right amount of light.

3M is a popular brand choice for this product because they’re films are very high quality.  As a 3M-certified installer, you can ensure professional installation.

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Do you do window graphics or wraps?

We sure do.  They’re also known as building graphics or window wraps.  These window graphics and decals are often used by retailers, restaurants, bars, and other local businesses to advertise their brand in a creative, inexpensive fashion.  Custom store window graphics can increase brand recognition, promote a product, event or service, showcase testimonials, and much more.  When a customer walks by your store front, custom window graphics and decals serve as the difference-maker.

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Do you do wall graphics?

We do wall graphics as well.  Instead of repainting a space, ask to have a high-performance graphic installed on the walls.  The design choices are unlimited; designs can be generated on a computer and printed in vibrant color, ready to be applied.

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