Can you Repair Damaged Vinyl Car Wrap?

Can you Repair Damaged Vinyl Car Wrap?

Vinyl car wrap is a pretty tough cookie all in all and depending on the thickness of the material you chose to go with during the install planning stage, you should be able to rely on it lasting for several years or more.

Inevitably through your vinyl wrap may either pick up damage over time, or, just through normal wear and tear, begin to start showing its age.

If it is just one panel that has been damaged then it may be economical to replace it. For example, if a loose stone chip from the road had badly scuffed or even ripped just one section, a replacement panel shouldn’t set you back too much money.  So, can you repair damaged vinyl car wrap?  Yes.

Vinyl wraps are relatively quick and easy to remove and install too, so your vehicle shouldn’t be off the road too long for repairs.

Bear in mind though that the new panel is going to look brand new, and if the car vinyl is already a few years old and beginning to show signs of wear, a brand new panel may stick out a little bit.

Also consider taking your car back to wherever you got it originally wrapped if you are considering replacing one panel if you have had custom designs printed. They should have your design on file, allowing them to quickly re-print the new panel (and potentially saving you a second set of designers fees).

Bubbles or wrinkles that appear in the vinyl are usually signs of an imperfect installation. In these instances, return the vehicle to the installation company for remedy.

If you installed the vinyl yourself and bubbles or wrinkles are appearing, it may still be worth taking your car to a professional who may be able to remedy the situation.

Ultimately though, unless you have spring for the very thickest, 6mm or more vinyl wraps then they really should only be considered as a temporary application – albeit one that can last for several years if properly cared for.

Therefore, while a professional wrap company will always do their best to salvage your wrap in the event of damage sometimes you just have to admit defeat and go for a re-wrap.