Car Wrap Cost

Car Wrap Cost

The Low Cost Of A Car Wrap Compared To Re-Spraying

Whether you’ve bought it brand new off of the lot or as a used model, eventually every car begins to show it’s age. Whether it’s fraying material and mysterious stains on the seats, the radio won’t tune to half of your favorite stations anymore or perhaps the car struggles to get up hills like she used to.

Many interior defects can be easily fixed or even ignored. Problems with the actual running of the car can often be resolved with a change of oils, lubricants or new parts.

But what about the outside of your car? Though the paint and general appearance of your vehicle is of course not integral to it’s smooth running, it can still be a real downer to look at your car and see chipped, flaking and fading paint all over the bodywork.

Add to this the fact that paint re-sprays are so expensive and time consuming and it can often seem to be the simpler option to just ignore it. Happily however, there is another way available for the car owner who wants their vehicle to look it’ very best – without the hefty bill of a full car re-spray.

Welcome to the world of car wrapping, an innovative, bespoke car service that, sadly, is criminally underutilized by most car owners.

With this method, instead of sealing your car away and painstakingly re-applying paint, a wrap technician will instead produce a sheet of vinyl wrap that is adhered to the outside of your car. Straight over the original paint and bodywork, no special preparation required.

Your car can be wrapped in a material of variable thickness, depending on the type of protection you deem it to require. Color choice is near limitless too – in fact, it’s only really limited by your imagination. This makes the car wrap service perfect if you’re looking to change the color of your car.

Oh, and the best part? The car wrap cost can be only a fraction of the cost of a re-spray. Depending on the materials used it can start as low as $500.

It really is the smart and economical choice for the car owner who’s just a bit fed up with a ugly looking car.