Car Wrap Disadvantages

Car Wrap Disadvantages

What Are The Disadvantages of Vinyl Wrap for Cars?

If you are looking for an economical yet highly creative way to personalize your car then there are fewer better options out there than a vinyl wrap. Essentially a strip of vinyl plastic that adheres to the outside of your vehicle, it can be customized in a truly endless array of colors and designs.

However, like all customizable options for a car, there are some inherent risks you should be aware off. That being said, there are hundreds of thousands of vehicles all around the round that have been successfully customized with vinyl wraps.

Therefore, please don’t read this list as an attempt to put you off the concept of vinyl wrap for your car – rather, see it as list of potential issues that, now you are in the know about them, should be easy to avoid.


Make sure you inform your insurance provider before you have the wrap applied. Most insurers have no problem with the procedure happening – but you don’t want to find out you’re with one of the rare ones who don’t like it after your car is wrapped!

Bird Excrement

No one likes it when a bird uses their car as a toilet – but unfortunately this can become a serious problem for vinyl wrapped cars. The bird poo is more likely to corrode the vinyl wrap than it would be the normal paint. So if you live in an area with lots of birds, you might find yourself washing the car more than you used to have to.

Post Wrap Dents

Should your car bodywork be dented after a minor accident, you’ll most likely have to remove part of the vinyl wrap for the dents to be repaired.  Don’t worry though!  It’s a quick fix.

Poor Installation

More likely to be the result of an inexperienced amateur but at the same time, as you’re already perfectly aware, some garages are better than others in general. It’s easy to apply the vinyl wrap incorrectly, which can lead to a water being caught between the wrap and the car bodywork and paint, which can lead to rust.

As we discussed though at the top of this article, most of these issues can be offset early on with just a little foresight and planning.

All in all, car wrap disadvantages are few and far between, and the decision will be yours however you should also weigh the above against the many car wrap benefits.

So long as you are willing to arrange your paperwork in advance and thoroughly research the professional wrapping service you intend to use then there should be no reason why you should be hesitant to consider a car wrap, given the many advantages of the technique.