Custom Car Decals

 Custom Car Decals

Beginners Guide to Custom Car Decals

If you care about your car then you care about its appearance too. This is particularly true if you’ve put in considerable amounts of time and money customizing your ride. After all that investment you want people to know you are serious about your ride, and customized decals are the perfect way to show this, especially in Arizona, where you’re car is outside all year round.

They can however, be a bit of an intimidating world to jump into straight away. Here though are some tips to get you started on the road to customized decal heaven!

Keep it Simple!

Especially true if you plan on producing the designs yourself. Don’t spend time and energy producing a design so elaborate that no decal company can put them together for you!

Look Around for Inspiration

Whether this is on line or when you’re hanging in real life with fellow car enthusiasts, make a point of checking out their designs for inspiration. That said, customs decals are a route to expressing your own creativity, so don’t feel like you have to produce designs that just copy pre-existing ones.

Size and Position

It should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway – make sure your decal is the right size for the area you want to cover. Always measure as accurately as possible – never guess! Position wise; just remember that not every surface on your vehicle is completely flat. Remember the contours and angles of the car bodywork when you’re considering your designs.

Consider materials and Thickness

Most decals and car wraps will be made from Vinyl. The thickness can vary from anything down to 1.6mm up to 6mm. The thicker material will, of course, be far more longer lasting and resistant to wear and tear. Thinner material will be much cheaper – so maybe the better option for the beginner, as you won’t feel too bad if you want to remove the original decals and update the design at a later date.

Will it damage my bodywork?

If any customizable items are incorrectly installed to your vehicle they can damage it – and decals are no exception. If you’re looking to install yourself perhaps try on an inconspicuous part of the bodywork first. Incorrect installation however can result in damage to the paintwork of your car – so if in doubt, it may be wisest to reach out to a professional car wrap company.

Depending on the thickness of material used, the position on the car and the weather conditions where you live, you can expect your decals to last anywhere up to around 7 years on average.

Immediately after installation try to avoid extremely wet and/or extremely cold weather if possible – just while the adhesive is bonding with the paintwork. After that try to avoid any extremes of weather or road conditions that would damage paintwork – sandstorms, extreme heat and cold, gravel roads and loose road surfaces.

How to remove Custom Car Decals

If you’re looking to sell your car or perhaps upgrade your designs, it’s good to know that removing the decals are pretty straightforward. There are numerous guides online and usually you won’t need anything more then hot water, rubbing alcohol, WD40 and some elbow grease to remove your decals. However if in doubt, professional installation companies will also happily remove old decals.

Hopefully this brief guide has given you a grounding into the world of custom car decals and you’ll feel confident enough to give it a try yourself, and produce an amazing car that reflects your personal tastes. Remember that if you have any questions, a professional Arizona car wrap company staffed with dedicated professionals (us) is more than happy to help you!