Custom Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnets

The next time you are driving on the highway or in the city just take a minute to notice how many businesses choose to advertise their services on the sides of their vehicles.

It does after all make great economic sense. Not only is this a relatively cheap option, it also has great scope to reach a very wide audience. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America claims that marketing and advertisements aimed at targeting vehicle drivers and passengers can potentially reach over 95% of the US population.

That is a huge number of potential customers for your business! Considering that around 90% of US households own at least 1 car and the average American now spends 20 hours a week driving, covering over 300 miles in the process, then this truly is a huge, captive audience out there ready to see your business.

If you are interested in getting your business name out there, then there are two main methods of producing the vehicle graphics you will require – these being Custom Car Magnets and Vinyl Decals.

Both types of graphic are fully customizable. You can either take your own designs or work with a designer at the print shop. Both magnets and decals will be printed to include your business name, logo, and contact information – in fact anything you want can be included.

The Vinyl Wrap can be printed on clear material (to allow the vehicle paint to be seen beneath) or on solid color background. Naturally the magnet will be printed onto, well, a magnet, so there is no option for a clear, see through product – though it would probably be possible to find a background colour so similar to your paintjob that for all intents and purposes it would look just like a clear sticker.

So far so similar then, but there is one main difference between the two mediums and that, simply, is the fact that the magnets can be removed at will and stored, whereas the vinyl decal is a semi-permanent addition to your vehicle (it can be removed easily enough of course, but it can’t be put back on again).

Therefore, if your business car or van is also your personal vehicle, the magnet sign may be the way forward as it allows you to easily switch back and forth between a personal or a business car.

If your business possesses a permanent business vehicle (or even a fleet of them) then the vinyl decal may be the best option. Once installed, and depending on the material used, it will be in place, generating attention for several years.