Customize an Auto Wrap

Customize an Auto Wrap

Vinyl car wraps are a great way to add bespoke customization to your car. While there are many professional vinyl wrap companies out there who will install a wrap for you, some of you out there may be wondering if, hey, could I customize an auto wrap.

Well, while is it a serious undertaking, improvements in vinyl materials and installation tools and techniques in recent times makes it a bit of a more doable DIY job for the typical amateur mechanic.

Vinyl – Will typically come on a 60-inch wide roller in 25-foot lengths. This will usually be sufficient to wrap one car – but makes sure you give your car dimensions to your supplier to double check this!

Prep – making sure the vehicle paint is ready for the vinyl adhesive is extremely important. Any dust or dirt can cause wrinkles and air bubbles so start by giving the car the clean of it’s life!

Remove the Mirrors – They can make the install awkward, and removing them now will probably save time down the line.

Plan! – Decide which parts of the vehicle to start with, and then use a utility knife to cut the vinyl into sections that will cover each body panel. Tape each piece of vinyl to the relevant body panel and remove the backing paper.

The bumpers are the hardest part of the car to wrap FYI, so you may want to start with them and get them out of the way early!

Stick it – With the backing paper removed and the adhesive now exposed, its time to stick it down. Place the cut vinyl into the centre of the body panel and smooth out with your hands, a credit card or a Teflon squeegee. You can stretch the vinyl to cover curves and ridges, but be careful to smooth it down completely.

Stretch it – Stretch the vinyl out to cover bums, curves and concave panels, such as the dreaded bumpers! You can use a heat gun here if you like but extreme caution is advised otherwise you may scorch your vinyl.

Trim – Carefully trim excess with a sharp knife – taking extreme care not to cut into the pant.


The final stage is to step back, admire your achievement and take great pride in being able to say that I can wrap my car!