Don’t Allow Paint Color To Ruin Your Used Car Purchase – Vinyl Wrap it!

Don’t Allow Paint Color To Ruin Your Used Car Purchase – Vinyl Wrap it! 

Purchasing a car is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your lifetime. After all, for some people their car is a status symbol they would not be without. For others, their car is a necessity they would struggle to survive without.

Therefore it makes sense to clearly assess all of the options that are open to you while you looking for your new vehicle. The used car market in the United States is growing year on year as potential car buyers realize the various advantages on offer to them here.

For example, used cars will suffer far lower levels of depreciation after you purchase them. The old saying that a car loses thousands in value after you drive it off the lot is, unfortunately, still true. This means that in today’s market you can often find high end used cars from makers such as Porsche and Lexus that sell for the same price as brand new midrange cars by Ford or Toyota. By buying a used car, you allow the previous owner to take the depreciation hit for you.

You can also save on taxes, as most states will level a states sales tax on the purchase on new cars, while used models are exempt. You’ll also save significant amounts of money on dealer’s fees such as shipping charges and wholly invented admin based fees, often called “Dealer Preparation” charges. Don’t be fooled, they’re just an excuse to extract more bills from your wallet!

All that being said however there are obviously some downsides to buying a used car, particularly in relation to the specs, extras and paintwork. Unfortunately, the car is only going to come with the extras it comes with – you can’t splash cash on a new radio system or satellite navigation if the used car on offer was never fitted with them to start with – though of course you can always buy and equip these items later, and often to a higher spec than the car dealership would offer for a brand new car.

Color can also put off many prospective buyers – or at least can make a decent car seem less appealing. After all, full body re-sprays can be extremely expensive. Happily, there is also a technique to aid in this, namely a full body vinyl car wrap. This method will allow you to change the color of a car to whatever you want for a far lower fee than paint re-sprays.  Call Bourbon St. Wraps today to get a quote.

With so many pluses and viable solutions to the few drawbacks, hopefully the next time you’re considering purchasing a vehicle, you too will consider a used option.