How to Wrap a Car

How to Wrap a Car

If you’re wondering about how to wrap a car, here is some basic information:

What is available? Whatever you can imagine, basically! If you are looking to change the color of your car, then solid color sheets can be printed. If you gave a design n mind then, no matter the complexity it can be printed. Finally, there are a number of finishes available such as gloss, matte and satin depending on what you require.

Will it protect my paintwork? Yes, it will. In fact, vinyl wraps are also available as clear transparent sheets for this very purpose! By placing these sheets, which can come in thicknesses of over 6 mm, onto your vehicle, it will then be this sheet which bears the brunt of weather extremes like ice and snow or poor road conditions.

How Long Will it Take? Generally speaking, not too long, though this will depend on the complexities of your designs. As a rule, expect between 1 and 7 days which even at the longer end is quicker than a full body paint re-spray.

What are the Advantages over a Paintjob? Well, as we mentioned above, vinyl wraps offer a far quicker turnaround compared to paint. Further to this is the ability to use ore than one colour in a vinyl wrap, not to mention the ease with which graphics and decals can be included. Therefore if you are looking for a more customisable approach, then vinyl is the way forward.

We also haven’t mentioned the price yet either have we? Well, depending on materials used and the complexities of your designs, a vinyl wrap with installation is going to start at around $500 and move upwards to ceiling of around $5,000. Compare that with a re-spray cost that is going to come in anywhere form $2,000 all the way to $10,000 and it’s clear to see that vinyl wraps are competitively priced compared to paintjobs.

Do I Have to Wrap the Entire Car? Absolutely not! In addition to the full wrap option, half wraps are also available if you only want to cover a particular part of the car, such as the hood, roof or trunk.