Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Vehicle branding can be a great tool for a small business to help with their advertising and marketing. After all, in today’s crowded market place it can be hard to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Vehicle branding is often a solution that small business will turn too, as it has been proven to be an effective marketing tool that is available for a relatively low cost.

However at the same time, many small business owners will only have one vehicle available to them. Part of the time it will be employed as the business’s vehicle, but other times it will revert to being a personal car.

Ask yourself if you want to always be driving a branded car, no mater where you go or what you’re doing. Dropping the kids to school or going to a wedding, you might not want to always be in a business branded vehicle all of the time.

In that case, a magnetic vehicle sign could be the better option for you, rather than a semi-permanent vinyl decal style print that is adhered to your car.

The benefit of magnetic signs is that they can be printed in exactly the same way as decal stickers – whatever logo, business name, contact information, etc you want to display can be printed onto the sign.

But the benefit of the magnetic sign is that they can be quickly removed from your vehicle and stored at home or in the trunk and suddenly, you just have a normal car again, free from unsightly signs and branding.

Then, when it’s time for business again, the sign just as easily re-applies.

Magnetic signs are printed on flexible material that is magnetised on one side. They stick to steel, iron or tin and can be easily applied to any flat surface – be that doors, side panels, hoods or trunks.

Just make sure the area you intend to apply them to is flat and clean and you will have no problems.

Couple this with the fact that maintenance is a simple as an occasional wash with warm soapy water and it is clear to see that magnetic vehicle signs can be a great option for small business owners looking for a degree of flexibility.