How to make Your Van Graphics Stand Out from the Crowd

How to make Your Van Graphics Stand Out from the Crowd

Placing graphics onto your vehicle to advertise your business can be a great investment. Studies have shown that drivers and passengers of other vehicles truly are highly receptive to the messages and advertisements they are shown while out and about on our nations roads.

However there is also the risk that this form of advertising may become a victim of it’s own success. After all, for such a relatively small investment, businesses can introduce their name, branding and message to a pretty large, captive audience.

If you’re looking to make your truck, car or van graphics really stand out from the crowd, here are a few tips.

Font – it doesn’t really matter which font you choose so long as it is legible and not particularly jarring. Remember, people may only catch a short glimpse of your advertising, so don’t choose a fancy, old English style font that is a real struggle to read. Oh – and stay away from serif fonts. Serifs are the fonts with small detail lines that come off of the tips of each letter. Nothing wrong with them in general, except that those title serif details will use very thin pieces of vinyl during the vehicle wrapping – making them vulnerable to peeling at a later date.

Letters that pop – you want a good contrast between the letter colors and either the color of the backing vinyl or the color of the vehicle. Again your customers may only catch a passing glimpse of your van. Black writing on a red background is a sharp contrast that makes the letters pop, and makes them easier to read. Yellow letters on a white, not so much. Use color contrasts to grab people’s attentions.

Images – One final way to make your van graphics stand out is through the use of images. In fact if you look at most branded vehicles these days, almost all of them will include an image, not just a wall of text. If your company has a logo, that will be perfect. If not, some generic images of the products or services that you provide are better than nothing. Less can sometimes be more with images though – it’s not always necessary to plaster your vehicle in images for one end to the other.  Contact our company for more info.