Matte Black Car Wrap

Matte Black Car Wrap

When many people think about vinyl car wraps they usually think of vehicles with a shiny looking finish. However it is actually possible to get vehicle wraps with a range of finishes and colors, such a matte black car wrap.

Just like the other wraps, matte style car wraps also require special care. Like a matte painted car, a matte wrapped car needs to be cleaned without adding a shine. While it’s not an especially difficult or technical task, it is essential that certain cleaning products are employed to provide the best finish possible.

The good news is that as the goal of cleaning the wrap is to return it to its original, matte finish condition, you don’t need to bother with any special waxes or polishes. The purpose of these products after all is to add a shine to a vehicle surface  -something you certainly do want to do with a matte finish!

You need to be aware however that many traditional car cleaning soaps and detergents require small amounts of wax so are unsuitable for cleaning a matte finish. Make sure you only use products that specify they are for cleaning matte finish cars – regular car cleaning products can potentially damage your matte finish.

Consider using a liquid paint coating after cleaning to add a level of protection to the matte wrap. Again however make sure that his product specifies that is intended or use on matte finishes.

So long as you have the correct materials then, there is really no difference in the way you should approach cleaning your car. In fact, just clean it like normal, using the tried and tested “two-bucket” method.

After the car is thoroughly cleaned, dry it with clean microfiber towels. Some people even go so far as to use compressed air to dry their vehicle – only you can decide if this overkill or justified of course.

All in all, a matte finish on a vinyl wrap adds a pretty unique element to your vehicle, while at the same time being low maintenance.