Should I wrap my car?

Should I wrap my car?

Depending on where you live, research suggests that as many as 70,000 people will see your car every day. In a world of homogeneous factory models however, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd – that is of course, unless you’re in the know about Vinyl Car Wrap!

A vinyl car wrap is a sheet of plastic, made of vinyl, that adheres to the outside of the your vehicle. So far, so straightforward, right?

Well, frankly, it is pretty straight forward, and that is one of the many benefits of this technique. Because of its simplicity, it can be installed far quicker then the time required for a full body re-spray.

Not only is it a huge time saver, it’s also a massive money saver, depending on the designs and materials used, car wrapping can turn out to be well over half the cost of a paint re-spray.

But it is in Vinyl Car Wraps use as creative tool that it really stands out. Unlike paint re-spray, there is no limit to the colors that can be utilized – truly; the only limit is your imagination!

It is also possible to make incredibly intricate designs and decals and print and install them easily, that’s right – you’re not just limited to solid body colors, you can add any design that you like.

Most towns and cities in the US will now have at least professional car wrapping service available. These businesses are staffed by creative designers and highly skilled installers just waiting to help make your dreams into a reality.

Car wraps are also very easy to remove. Either a professional wrapping company can remove them, or they can be taken off easily at home with little more than the application of some hot water, WD40 and some good old fashioned elbow grease!

Their easy removal then means they are perfect for the car owner who really cares about their appearance of their vehicle as it allows for you to change the color and design whenever you feel like freshening up your car’s appearance.

Whichever way you look at it, there aren’t many better tools on the market to help make your car truly stand out form the crowd!  So to answer our original question – should I wrap my car? – Yes, absolutely.  Call us today at 480-659-9110