Window Tinting

Automotive Window Tinting

Window tints have numerous benefits for your vehicle, beyond the very obvious attractive appearance.  We use only the highest quality window tinting material available to ensure that they stay in tact and looking great for as long as possible.  We guarantee quality and optimal performance on all installations performed by our professional team.

Degrees of Vehicle Window Tint:

Although some vehicle manufacturers build cars with a standard vehicle tint in place, most do not.  So, when you purchase a vehicle from a dealer, the majority of the time, you’ll have clear glass windows with no visible tint (furthest right side of the picture below).

degrees of window tinting for cars and trucks
The window tint laws vary state to state.  In Arizona, the legal vehicle tint percentage is as follows:
  • Front windshield – No tint allowed
  • Rear windshield – Any level of tint is permitted
  • Side windows – Must allow 33% or more light into the vehicle.

Reasons to Tint Your Vehicle Windows:


Let’s be honest – you don’t want people staring into your car, whether or not you’re in it.  People build fences around their houses and plant trees to keep their family safe from prying eyes, and car tints are no different.  In addition to protecting your family, you’re also safeguarding your valuables.  Not that you should be leaving your wallet or any expensive items sitting in your car, but if you do, you’ve got a better chance of not having them stolen with quality tints in place.


On a hot summer day in Phoenix, Arizona (or really anywhere in the state), it can get pretty hot in your car or truck.  Window tints have been shown to reduce the interior temperature of vehicles by more than 50%.  In combination with some AC, you and your family or friends will be much more comfortable.

Interior Durability

The sun is a powerful star that releases ultraviolet radiation through the Earth’s atmosphere.  Powerful UV rays can wear and fade the interior of your vehicle, just like what happens to concrete, asphalt, and anything else that remains outside for an extended period.

We put sunscreen on our faces to prevent the sun’s UV rays from burning us or causing skin cancer. Think of auto tints as sunscreen for the inside of your car.  The extra layer of protection on the windows helps to prevent the interior of your vehicle from fading in color.


Have you ever driven down a road headed in the direction of the sun and could barely see in front of you?  It’s not safe.  Whether you’re going up a hill and get some glare, or the sun reflects of a shiny car right into your face, it’s much harder to see where you’re going.  A quality installation can aid in reducing the glare you experience when driving, which of course improves your safety.

UV Protection

As mentioned earlier, the sun’s rays are powerful.  As the o-zone layer continues to deplete, blocking the sun’s harmful radiation becomes more important.  Did you know you can get a sun tan sitting in your car?  The windows only block some of the radiation.  Tints offer an extra layer of protection that can help prevent the dreaded skin cancer the sun causes when you have prolonged exposure.

Headlight and Taillight Tinting

Stop blowing money on colored bulbs for your vehicle when tints can solve the problem so easily.

We can help you with whatever you’re looking to do, from headlight and taillight tinting, to color modification and restorations.  We use a transparent film on installations that allow light to fully pass through from one side to the other.  This means that we can create the look you want without ruining the effectiveness of your vehicle’s lighting. Come to us for:

  • Headlight tinting
  • Taillight tinting
  • Smoked lights
  • Colored lights
  • Headlight and taillight restoration

We can deliver the stylish, sporty look you’re going for!

*Prices starting as low as $99.99 a pair of headlights or taillights*

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