Wrap My Car

Wrap My Car

Wrap my car for the wedding.  The average cost of a wedding in the United Sates is currently around $35, 329 according to a survey on the wedding website The Knot.

Just hold that figure in your mind for a second.

$35, 329.

That is a lot of money, and if you are reading this as a potential Fiancé, Fiancée or the father of the bride then the above might just have brought you out into a cold sweat – if that’s the case then please accept my apologies!

However, I’m here to tell you of one area where you can not only maybe trim a little expense – but also do it without cutting out any of the style or glamour demanded of such an important day.

Car hire. Specifically for the bride and groom but this also applies for any other vehicles you were intending on using.

First off just understand that if your are looking to hire a classic car or a limo then you will most likely be charged by the hour by the hire company and that charge is likely to be in the region of around $80 per hour. You may also be charged fuel costs on top of this and it won’t include a 20% gratuity for the driver.

Depending on the distances to be covered before and after the ceremony, the length of the ceremony and any other waiting around and that hourly charge is going to quickly mount up.

So use your own car or borrow a car of relative and hire someone to drive it. You are instantly putting hundreds of dollars back into your wedding budget.

Hold on though.

What if the car is kind of old and shabby, or what if it’s not a premium model vehicle?

Wrap it. Go to a professional car wrapping service, take some of the money you’ve saved paying for an expensive hire car and have them wrap my car in Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, or Tempe, and get it looking its best for the wedding.

In the case of an older car that needs a touch up, vinyl are wraps are a far easier, far cheaper way to restore the color and luster of bodywork than paint re-spray.

Vinyl wraps can also have bespoke designs printed onto them prior to installation. You could use this to print the details of your wedding, even images of the happy couple. This technique could be used on a model of car not usually associated with wedding transport – that is if you don’t have a classic or luxury model car to borrow.

Use this humor and quirkiness to divert attention from this, and help to make a small saving on your big day.